Elbow and Forearm Pain

Discomfort at the forearm and elbow doesn’t discriminate, affecting people in manual jobs as much as those at an office

Your forearm and elbow are used every time you need to grip or hold something, and every time you use your fingers for anything,  meaning that they’re always in use. The long strings of muscle which descend into the fingers ultimately start their anatomical life at the elbow – either the inside or outside of it, where they pull to allow you to flex and extend your wrists and fingers.

Tennis elbow and golfers elbow are two of the most common problems of the elbow and forearm, technically known as lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis, both are repetitive strain injuries. You do not have to play tennis or golf to get either. The severity of the condition can vary from mild to excruciating and this is related to the underlying damage to the muscles tendons and irritation to the periosteum (the nerve rich membrane that surrounds bone).

Of course, there are other issues that can occur at the forearm and elbow. At MMC, we use tests, palpation, and dialogue to establish whether you have tennis or golfers elbow, or something else entirely. An elbow or forearm massage with us will likely utilise both ‘hands-on’ muscular and myofascial release techniques, specialised equipment to treat the area, and we’ll probably teach you a few stretches to take home.

Duration: Usually 30 mins

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