Massage Gift Vouchers

Purchase a relaxing gift of time with one of our experienced therapists. Delivered entirely online or in the post

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Gift Vouchers

Discover our massage gift vouchers available exclusively through Giftpro, our trusted online voucher platform. Easily access our fully online voucher store by clicking the button below. Choose from a range of voucher options tailored to your preferences, whether you’re seeking a 30-minute rejuvenation or a luxurious 90-minute escape.

Our convenient online purchase process ensures swift delivery straight to your inbox, at no extra cost. Alternatively, opt for a physical voucher to be shipped to any address of your choice, with additional postage fees applied.

Massage gift vouchers can be bought for treatments of 30 – 90 minutes.

TO BOOK: To book an appointment using a gift voucher, please call us on 01844 212022. You won’t be able to book online.

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"A very professional set-up, lovely treatment rooms and plenty of parking."