Knee Pain

Knees possess a vast number of structures – ligaments, tendons, muscles – that massage can help with

The knees are a particularly emotive area of the body; they support us, they take the full weight of our body throughout the day, each forward step into the world is first initiated by lifting them. They are also an area of great mechanical importance and complexity, as anyone who has had knee surgery, injury or pain will know all too well.

Knee pain can be the result of many different kinds of issue, from cartilage wear-and-tear, to key ligament sprains, to muscular issues in the thighs and the calf.  Sometimes it’s obvious where the issue has sprung from, a fall, a sporting injury, general wear-and-tear. Other times it’s not so clear.

Importantly, it is not always massage – muscular and fascial manipulation – that can help. However, if you come to see any of our remedial massage therapists, they will look at testing the main structures of your knee, the supportive ligaments, the muscles which hold it all together. From this assessment, we can make a decision about what treatment might involve.

With knee problems it’s worth dropping in to us for a quick assessment. We’ll either sort the issue, or send you in the right direction if needed.

Duration: Part of a deep tissue or sports massage

    Therapists: John, Tom, Hannah, Stephen

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