Neck Pain

Our neck massages and other treatments will leave you feeling freer and more mobile

The muscles of the cervical spine, or neck, can often bear the brunt of our day-to-day lives. Whether you’re squinting for hours at a screen, working with a flexed neck to use tools, driving for hours on end each week, or doing something else entirely, tightness and pain into the neck muscles is a frustratingly common part of everyday life for many of us.

Broadly speaking, the muscles at the back of the neck and head allow you to flex and rotate it forwards and backwards, and to hold it in a sustained position for a while – think of looking down at your mobile phone. Generally speaking, the muscles towards the sides of the neck relate to the shoulders – think of shrugging your shoulder up to your ear, or tilting your ear towards your shoulder.

A neck massage at MMC will likely focus on specific muscles at both the shoulder and neck which, from experience, tend to cause the most ongoing discomfort and problems. As with any treatment, we will of course have an initial chat and take down some background medical and lifestyle information, all of which will inform the scope and focus of the treatment we provide.

Due to many anatomical connections, a neck massage is often combined with muscular release of the upper back and, sometimes, the face and scalp.

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