Tension Headaches

The exact cause of tension or perhaps more accurately “primary headaches” (meaning not caused by an underlying condition) isn’t exactly clear but there are some fairly well established triggers, some of the better known ones are stress and anxiety, poor posture, dehydration and tiredness, lesser known triggers include smell, bright light, missing meals, chocolate or refined sugar and a lack of physical exercise.

It is estimated that about half the adults in the UK experience tension headaches once or twice a month and females are affected more than males. A staggering one in three adults experience them up to fifteen times a month and if this continues for three months or more then it is considered by doctors as a chronic tension headache.

Tension headaches can often feel like pressure is being applied constantly to the head, front of face or neck. The sensation of pain can range anywhere from mild to moderate and may feel as though a belt is tightly wrapped around the head.

Massage, yoga, exercise and acupuncture are all recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as being effective in the control and prevention of tension headaches. In particular, research has shown that massage treatments can decrease levels of pain, as well as reduce the frequency and intensity for those affected. It can also decrease medication usage, reduce feelings of depression, anxiety or anger associated with having headaches and increase the range of cervical motion.

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