Thigh Pain

Tight thigh muscles can impact your physcial health, stretch work and massage can make a massive difference

Pain or tightness at the thighs can feel immobilising. Often, though not always, issues in this region occur because of sporting injuries or exercises. Due to lifestyle factors, certain muscles of the thigh are also often very likely to be too short, which can have an anatomical knock-on effect to the pelvis and back.

Anatomically, the thigh is the area above the knee and below the hip. It is both complex and strong and divides into four key areas, the quadriceps at the front, the hamstrings at the back, adductors on the medial (inside) and abductors to the lateral (outside) of the thigh. The thigh connects to the hip via a ball-and-socket joint which allows the thigh to be moved in at least six key ways, flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal and external rotation.

When we assess the thigh for problems, and there can be lots of them, correct identification of the muscle groups is vital. When combined with your lifestyle history, our observations, palpation (touch), and any special orthopaedic tests, we are generally able to work out what the problem is, and to provide some treatment. 

Having the muscles in this area of your body stretched and released by an experienced professional will make a massive difference to your long-term mobility and general health.

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