Foot Pain

Affected by day-to-day tension and strain, an MMC massagw will provide some needed relief 

The feet really are a marvels of engineering. Largely they are ignored by us on a day-to-day basis until they start to misbehave, or you are unfortunate enough to injure yourself. It is estimated that most of us will walk approximately 3 times around the planet in our lifetime, or approximately 70,000 miles. They really are rather good at what they do!

At Massage Matters Clinic, we often see people with ligament sprains and muscular strains. A sprain is generally an overstretch to a ligament, the tough, fibrous bands of connective tissue which generally connect, restrict, or allow movements at a joint. 

Muscular strains generally refer to muscle problems in the foot and, as mentioned, there are plenty of muscles that you can affect with a choice of more than 100 to choose from. Muscles in the leg can also cause you pain in the feet and it is here that a knowledge of muscle testing and assessment is helpful and they way that we look at understanding the problem.

We have a lovely, effective, and enjoyable treatment called the Fantastic Foot Massage, for all of those tired aching feet out there. 

Duration: Bookable for 30 minutes

    Therapists: John, Tom, Hannah, Stephen

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